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Should You be Approaching Angel Investors or VCs for Your Seed Round Funding?

While not every single startup needs to raise money to scale, most startups require some investors money to expand their business. When the time has finally come to fundraise, there are tons of potential sources for funding your startup. For this article, we shall discuss whether approaching an angel investor or venture capital for your […]

How to Host and Run a Successful Board Meeting?

As the founder of your company, it’s one of your many responsibilities to run the company’s board meetings. Throughout your career, you’ll have to experience both running board meetings and attending as an investor or independent member. If this is managed poorly or without an aligned goal in place, these meetings can become incredibly stressful […]

How to Build Your Very First Cap Table as a First Time Startup Founder?

If your startup was a movie on the big screen, the cap table would be the credits rolling at the end of its view. For any up-and-coming founder, it’s vital to have a detailed understanding of who owns what at each stage of the business. This is true whether you’re doing diligence for raising money […]

Should You Join a Startup Incubator or Raise Money Directly for Your First Round of Funding?

As a founder of a brand new startup, you’ll be dealing with various hurdles, from developing a business plan to building a team, to attracting customers and so on. However, one major challenge that stands out among the rest is raising funds. From entrepreneurs who succeed in starting up their own business to a financial […]

How Do Angel Investors Do Due Diligence?

One of the most talked about topics in the investing industry is how much due diligence investor should do before deciding to invest. How does that relate to you if you’re looking to raise money? This is important because we want to know the process that goes through the investor’s mind when deciding to invest […]

What are some examples of successful pitch decks for raising money?

We all know the importance of having a solid pitch deck when raising money for your startup. Every successful startup that you can think of had a killer pitch deck to start. You’ve probably done a good amount of Googling on pitch deck examples before landing onto this article. From your research, you’re probably still […]

What Should You Have Prepared For Your First Investor Meeting?

Raising funds from angel investors is a major milestone for any entrepreneur. But even getting the chance to meet with an investor is still a huge opportunity, and should be taken seriously by any founder fortunate enough to set up a meeting. Remember what they say, “Opportunities aren’t always out there!!” So to ensure that you’re […]

What is the Best Way to Find High-Quality Angel Investors for Your New Startup?

So you’ve just came up with an amazing new startup idea that can potentially change the world. You’re super passionate about it and you know it will kick off, but now you realize that you might need funding. Everyone tells you that you need to raise your initial round of funding and find a bunch […]